project overview

Dutchtown South Community Corporation (DSCC) is a local community driven entity that is leading a citizen engagement process through an interactive arts-based artifact of hip-hop called freestyle. To facilitate conversation around the questions posed—"where does transit take you?"—DSCC has recruited hip-hop artists, visual artists, and videographers to develop a video and temporary art installation at the Chippewa-Broadway intersection, a proposed future Metrolink station.

The CCP engages residents through an interactive arts-based artifact of hip-hop called freestyle formatted into a 3-5 minute music video. Freestyle is an artifact of hip-hop culture bore out of the inner city plight of Black and Brown youth where without pen and paper the words and rhythm come “off the dome” without premeditation. Used as an advocacy tool alongside graffiti, but deemed criminal in nature because of its boldness in expression  through bass, beats and bravado.


Aboard public transportation and at public transit stops hip-hop artists alongside residents will answer the question “Where does transit take you?” in freestyle. The hip-hop artist will employ a particular style of freestyle that interjects words or phrases the participant has to include in their stream of thought. The interjecting phrases are based on Project for Public Places’ four criteria for evaluating a space--comfort and image, linkage and accessibility, sociability, and uses and activities.

The end goal is to use the freestyle responses to create a collaborative, spatial, creative outcome specific to the multi-cultural needs and assets of the neighborhood coupled with the infrastructural needs of the Chippewa-Broadway intersection. The spatial element will be composed of salvageable materials and serve as an intervention to the Chippewa-Broadway intersection.